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Welcome to the Rushmore Governors page. This page will tell you who the governors are and what we do.

There are 4 sorts of Governors;

Parent Governors are elected by parents then we have Staff Governors elected by the Teaching & Support Staff then LA Governors who are given to us by the Local Authority and lastly Community Governors who are from the wider community.

At Rushmore we have 2 sub committees:

The Curriculum & Standards and the Finance and Resources Committees. These committees feed back into the full GB meeting. We meet twice a term for Full GB meetings and also committee meetings.

What do school governors do?

  • Supporting the school in planning for the future and setting targets for school improvement

  • Promoting high standards of educational attainment

  • Challenging and supporting the Head Teacher

  • Planning, reviewing and approving  the schools budget

  • Developing and reviewing policies and most importantly monitoring pupil achievement and ensuring standards improve.

  • Participate in the appointment of senior staff (including appointing the Head Teacher) and regulate staff conduct and discipline





 Alex Stevenson

(Chair, Vice-Chair of C&S, English, EYFS & HT PM)









(F&R, Staff Wellbeing)




(Arts, C&S Chair) 



(Science, Health and Safety)





Keisha Forteau   

(F&R, Computing)




(F&R Chair, Finance)



 Sam Billington

(Maths, Safeguarding, HT PM, F&R)


 Cymbeline Moore 

 (Vice-Chair, SEND, C&S, HT PM)

Temitope Akinrujomu








 Hayley Barbary 




 Sasha Taylor 

(Staff Governor, C&S)





 Jim O'Shea 











Jill Cameron

For an overview of governors' information and duties please click here.