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Humanities at Rushmore

Humanities Lead: Hugh Yexley

 History and Geography are at the heart of Rushmore’s creative curriculum, where the subjects are taught in weekly topic lessons and further consolidated within other subjects. 

Each term sees pupils introduced to a new exciting topic, through which they can develop their humanities skills. Our history and geography content follows guidelines set out in the National Curriculum.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that it is relevant to all of our pupils, supporting them in their understanding of their local and global context and allowing every child to develop a positive attitude to their own racial and cultural identity.

Humanities at Rushmore



We aim to provide children with engaging, hands-on lessons that will encourage a life-long love of History and Geography.  


Within history lessons, children develop their knowledge of key figures and events in both British and global history (including the Fire of London, the Roman Empire and World War Two). Using timelines and regular recapping activities, children learn how the different events and eras which they study chronologically fit together. Alongside this, classes will hone their enquiry skills through exploring artefacts, investigating historical records and sequencing events. As well as being able to explain the reasons behind the events they learn about,  children are encouraged to think about the impact of history on our lives today as well as making connections to other eras, which they have previously studied.

In the Autumn term, we celebrate Black History Month by focusing on key people and groups who have had a real impact on British history from Romans through to present day. Workshops are organised for each class and cover themes such as the power of protest and the celebration of the wealth of talent that exists due to the many black people who have contributed to our society.

Meanwhile, in geography, classes will learn about local and global environments through topics including ‘House and Home’, ‘On the Water’ and ‘Rainforests’. Children have the opportunity to undertake research projects, develop their map reading skills and learn about the impact we have on the world around us. In addition, children compare different places around the world to ones with which they are familiar. As with history, they are encouraged to explain the reasons behind geographical features. 

We know that trips out of the school bring the children’s classroom learning to life and further develop historical and geographical skills. Annual topic based trips have included: The Tower of London ( Royal Rascals -Year 1), The Monument (Great Fire of London- Year 2), River Lea Field Trips (On the Water-Year 3), British Museum (Ancient Greeks- Year 4), Science Museum (Space -Year 5), London Zoo (The Rainforest -Year 6)